8 Apr 2013


Back from camping with the boys, I've had a day or two to reflect on what was a highly rewarding trip to the riverside in Marlow. We've taken the boys to the countryside twice before, but it was the first time to do it in such a cold season (hence the name Cool Sleepover).

Now trust me when I say it was extremely tough, with temperatures fluctuating a minute range around freezing. I basically spent 72 hours wrapped in a dozen layers, everything to Heattech long johns and padded down jackets. But as is always the case, the boys we took (17 this time) provided so much warmth for me and the other Coaches – their strength, character and togetherness at times overwhelming us with pride. Exaggerate you I not; the way they handled living in such harsh conditions, how they challenged the activities including rock climbing heights and wet kayaking lessons, and of course the fun that they created in doing so is extraordinary. A group of fighters they are, who just never fail to impress me.

I must add that these three or four days were physically the most draining experience I can remember and I worked damn hard, but I won't dwell on that, as I feel only a sense of satisfaction and gratification right now. As usual, I'll now sit down to produce a movie for our trip, but before I can do that we have the small matter of Easter Holiday Club to tend to, three full days of team training as we begin preparations for the annual round of summer tournaments. A proper fortnight packed with JFC activity of all varieties huh. I tell you it's a great little job I have.

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