12 Apr 2013


From: Freshness

From: Hypebeast

The Roshe Run has been supremely popular of late and I myself have seen it climb up my wishlist. Nike have unveiled several new releases for the running sneaker, including the pictured Camo series up top, as well as a range of smart tonal colourways like the navy/gold combination and burgundy options. There are even more in the pipeline for Summer 2013, such as the City Pack, Flywire infusion and of course the eagerly awaited NikeiD customisation. Busy times for Roshe fans to say the least. I've been informed by good authority that it's a damn fine choice for lightweight comfort that your feet will be thankful for.


  1. I have had many conversations about this shoe. The main conclusion is that Nike seem to be rinsing the holy water out of it this year. After the intro of the iguana colourway they would have been forgiven for drip feeding these to us like with many other models, however they have continued to release colour after colour and I guess the public are lapping them up. So many references to water in there. Was interested in getting a pair, but having considered it further and the options out there probably will pass with little to no regret. A very nice model to look at and not yet bored of seeing what they come up with to fit.

  2. For me, seeing so many variations has helped for the model grow on me. I'm a sucker for anything that uses the right colours and that's probably why it's caught my eye. I don't disagree that they're milking it with so many colourways and collections, but it does make it all the more exciting when the perfect one comes along.