16 Oct 2012


From: Joey Roth

Renowned for using simple materials to express function and aesthetic (ie. perfect design) through its most natural form, Joey Roth has designed this ceramic subwoofer to complete the audio three-piece that boasts deep, warm, powerful sound that is deemed worthy by the most critical in quality. And as for its design, the beauty is quite simply idiot-proof.

Its enclosure is made of stainless steel, porcelain and Baltic birch plywood, using no plastic at all in the system's construction (aside from electricals). Technically, this ornament provides balanced bass that isn't harsh but sufficient to physically send shivers through the room. The custom-made drivers will read every nuance of the high-resolution music to reveal all its rich detail, making this one of the most exceptional of speaker systems. Together the speakers and subwoofer cost $1095, shipping from December 2012. It looks stunning.

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