4 Nov 2012


I went out for dinner with my dad yesterday and he took me to a Japanese udon restaurant in Soho. I'd heard of it before but it was my first time. And it was good. The shop was cosy with natural and clean aesthetics, the menu design was simple and cute, as was the staff uniform. Plus there was a 30-minute queue when we got there, lining the pavement of Dean Street, which is always a great thing especially for a little independent store. The staff, well-numbered including a couple of native Japanese members, all seemed to have been trained sufficiently, impressively uttering words like "onegaishimasu" and "hai" as if they were actually working in Japan. I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed it more because my dad paid. Yes, unfortunately the prices are, whilst admittedly in keeping with the standard in the location, very high for what's actually a pretty simple traditional dish in Japan. So I won't be visiting as a casually regular customer, but it's certainly a place I will keep in mind for good authentic food.

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