22 Mar 2013


I've had another busy few weeks, so there's not many different photographs this month, just the same old coffee, lunches and pets really. The book there is a sweet thing by Colleen Ellis, playing with the negative space in the Roman alphabet in beautifully selected colour and Helvetica 75 Bold. But yes, otherwise it's been a month of little excitement. My sleeping pattern was destroyed but now that I'm on 'holiday' (that is, no scheduled class for four weeks) I should be able to restore that soon. And just as well that next week New Girl returns to British TV on E4, as well as my guilty pleasure that is Made In Chelsea... ha. I've also set up an Instagram account which I realise I'm rather late on. I'm thinking one picture day? Though it'll probably just be more coffee, lunches and pets.

March part two coming at the end of the month.

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