23 Mar 2013


I've wanted to purchase this book for quite a while now, written by renowned Japanese designer Kenya Hara. In this short narrative he talks us through his grasp of simplicity and subtlety through the concept of white. Reflecting on Japanese culture and its tendencies and aesthetics that he knows so well, his book aims to impart on us a clear, fresh perspective on complete design – starting by understanding the notion of white.

I'm merely interpreting what the blurb says here, I couldn't say more without reading it and I can't wait to get started. He has another book too, a far heftier piece of writing called "Designing Design" which came before "White" in 2007 and it's on my shopping list. (It's true, just check my Pinterest board, "Reading List".) He's a designer I admire and aspire to, amongst the likes of John Maeda or Naoto Fukasawa, and I'm so ready to learn from his wisdom bound to be packed in these fine pages.

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