17 May 2013


I realise I've not posted much about my own work and day-to-day as much I'd hoped to. In recent weeks, and indeed months, I've endured heavy periods of busyness, deadlines aplenty and work work (as I like to call it) mounting all the time.

At university ~

I'm actually pretty much done with Year 2 of university now, having handed in a lot of projects and assignments in what was a short space of time up to last week. I was actually part of something that became bigger than we imagined, having been shortlisted for the RSA Student Design Awards. I along with two coursemates developed and submitted a piece of earlier work to fulfil one of the briefs and we've been fortunate enough for the judging panel to have liked it. We'll see where that takes us but I'm chuffed to even be considered a finalist.

New work ~

Now, the reason I have no more class to attend is because I will be starting my placement as a 'designer in residence' come June. I'll be part of the team at London studio [re]design who work with sustainable design as a key priority and often collaborate with the design community to effect such change. It's run by a lovely duo who I met a few weeks back and I'm very excited to commence my work with them, to learn from living professionals, participate in live practice and of course share a little of my own modest talent. Again, more to follow for sure.

Victate ~

Busy as ever, we're preparing for a host of summer goodness. A tough period for both myself and Edd as our studies tend to reach a climax around this time (especially him who's just casually revising for dentistry exams). Of course the Summer '13 range is at the forefront of our work, as the pieces are being readied as I speak (type). For those that came down to our pop-up store with NYLC Supply last month will know some of the tricks we got up our sleeves! And speaking of which, there's a project I'm working on for the afore mentioned brand that will come to fruition pretty soon actually. We're working to get a feature on an upcoming publication, and as a piece put together by an inside member of the Victate team, I can assure you it won't be like anything else we've done with other press. That's all for now, but do keep up with our various social media outlets. I understand our Instagram following is increasing rapidly – perhaps related to the silly photographs of us embarrassing ourselves...

From: Instagram @victateclothing
Right now ~

And finally at this very moment, I'm working on some more work temporarily for a certain brand's design overhaul: new website, new brochures, new everything. Which means I've had the wonderful task of recreating a million colour swatches this week. No need to bore you with the details.

Wow I didn't at all intend for this blog entry to be of this nature when I started half an hour ago. As you know this Blog is primarily for me to use as a recording tool, and any readers are an added bonus. So I'm sorry if you just read this all, because you probably haven't taken much out of it right. I do appreciate your following though, so thanks.

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