3 Sep 2013


Watching Sigur Rós and Poliça perform live just takes your breath away. I think I was pretty lucky to nab tickets from YPlan (London's spontaneous going-out app) just a few hours before the occasion and I'm definitely trying that again for others, as the lineup for iTunes Festival impresses once more.

Sigur Rós live is a thrilling experience, a cinematic explosion of climax after climax. And the arrangement of the band is like no other, not since I saw Bon Iver anyway, with it very clear that each part and each sound is meticulously considered and present only to provide a valuable purpose. The careful layering of sound was beautiful to absorb, a hugely mesmerising and inspiring show. And as if that wasn't enough, Poliça were the supporting act. I say supporting, but they held their own for a 40 minute set, and what a treat – I'd been wishing to see them perform all summer having missed the chance to attend Night + Day (the new-look festival hosted by The xx). If you're not familiar with them, their debut album "Give You The Ghost" is unbelievably good and they have a second LP "Shulamith" out in October. Performing tracks from both records, they were incredible too last night, I feel so fortunate – what a start to the week huh.

You can re-watch both performances through iTunes, with artists performing for all 30 nights of September. Coming up later are Haim, Ellie Goulding and Justin Timberlake, for whom I will be fighting to get a wristband again. Good stuff.

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