10 Oct 2013


Masterminded by Rick Banks of Face37, a new book was launched last month that celebrated the art of typography in football. Combining his two favourite things, as a designer (devising Type Trumps for example) and an avid Bolton Wanderers supporter, it's a wonderfully presented artefact that tackles a unique but undeniably beautiful subject. And for me too, as somebody whose life basically revolves around design and football too, what a gem of a product.

So I bought a copy. One of just 1000 actually, with all profits going to the Football Foundation, released on the year of The FA's 150th anniversary. A lovely feature of the project is that each issue is numbered 1 to 1000 accordingly, hand-printed with official Premier League shirt numbering provided by Sporting iD. I went for 870, not with significant reason, just a combination of all the 'good' numbers being sold out and my liking for each of the individual digits 8, 7 and 0. Meh. It arrived at the start of this week and I can't stress how perfect it actually is, a fascinating exploration of typographical treasure from the old and new, popular and iconic, that have graced the great players, teams and footballing moments. I wish I had come up with it.

There's still a few numbers available so if it sounds like something interesting to you, have a look and nab yours before it's gone. Because it will be, having been released to unsurprising critical acclaim and reactions of joy. Like me. This book makes me happy.

From: Face37

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