22 Oct 2013


MØ's debut EP is finally out, after months of waiting. And it majestically delivers, without fail, consisting of 4 exquisite tracks from her repertoire – two of which had not been heard before. Led by the Diplo-produced stunner "XXX 88", the colourful EP shows significant contrast to Karen Marie Ørsted's personality, juxtaposing her already notorious outlandish, extrovert aggression with a more vulnerable side to her youthful image, revealing some very rough-edged rawness that captures a hauntingly emotive sound that we've not heard much before. The fourth track "Freedom (#1)" in particular is so stripped back, almost a capella, and leaves nothing for her to hide behind, showing a great sense of fragility or sensitivity that can't help but grab you.

I've written about my enthusiasm for her and her music many a time now (read all things MØ here), and you sense it's all gearing up to fuller record soon. She's confirmed that this EP is very much a lead-up to the album and not a spontaneous side project or something like that. We've been treated to some incredible songs already and I just can't wait for her to now produce something cohesive for us to delve over and really get the opportunity to hear her full sound. Perhaps more will be revealed in her London show within the next fortnight at XOYO, at which I will be raving like there's no tomorrow. Or something to that effect.

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