7 Oct 2013


From: Victate

So a bit of a shit weekend then. Prolonged work to complete, last minute uni preparation stress, start of my annual sickness. And to top that all off I lost my beloved Victate cardholder. Left on the bus on my way to football, I just feel so stupid. The bus journey wasn't more than 10 minutes long, I had the cardholder in my hand and I must have just left it on the seat as I made my way off the vehicle. Debit card, Oyster card, student ID, driver's license, some money... What a downer. But the biggest loss of all is probably the accessory itself. Worn for about two years, the leather embossed monogram was looking mighty fine, picture perfect you could say. The product shot for the Victate website above is probably one of the last pieces of evidence for my cardholder, sat in the middle in between a brand new piece and Edd's. I always thought mine was just right. I'll get over it but I must admit I'm hurting right now.

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