28 Nov 2013


I've seen The Weeknd three times now, but watching him headline London's O2 Arena this week I was overwhelmed. He has come such a long way in such a short period of time and it was impressive to see him properly command the stage like a seasoned artist. His vision was so evidently brought to life, through both production and musicality, it was clearly the pinnacle of his ambitions as The Weeknd. I really felt the sense of accomplishment or achievement in his performance, and it was a real joy to be at, I had a wicked time. Treated to a setlist comprising mostly of tracks from "Kiss Land" and "House Of Balloons" – without a shadow of a doubt his best two records – and we had a real party on Tuesday night.

He was also supported by BANKS and Zane Lowe, both of whom I'm a huge fan of, so it was of real fortune that I got to witness them as well, really making my ticket worthwhile as if Abel alone wasn't enough. The former is a genuine talent in her own right, and with a debut album looming for the turn of the year, BANKS is a name to watch out for. She's had a fair share of entries on this Blog over the past year already, and I promise you there will be more from LA's latest stunner.

Great night, exactly what I needed.

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