6 Dec 2013


What fittingly started as a Kickstarter project, Intern recently launched its maiden issue for Autumn/Winter 2013 as they weigh in on the widespread debate of internships. Exploring the works and contributions of interns in creative industries across the globe, their treatment and reward, the general attitude around the subject. It's particularly sensitive and current as the latest generations begin to question the model of the industry's bottom tier and point of entry, and how healthy it is (and more importantly can become) for the parties involved. Of course, as my personal student status of my own approaches ever closer to its end, it's a discussion of high relevance for my near future and I read it with some degree of terror. But also, there's reason for hope and optimism with some featured talents showcasing examples of tremendous ability and opportunity, the ones we dream to achieve. Still in the process of reading the beautifully presented 144-page document, but it's already a delight to engage with.

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