10 Mar 2014


Ellie Goulding, live at the O2, it was already one of the best nights of my life before she had even stepped out onto the stage, but when she did, well, she stepped onto the stage. Clearly an emotional affair for Ellie herself too, frankly she headlined the shit out of London's largest arena in front of a sell-out crowd.

I'm all too familiar with her live sets and musical ability, but my amazement and delight felt so fresh as she stood before us, executing a full-scale, spine-bending, vocally flawless gig. Her honest charm alone was enough to light up the venue, but her voice is just something else – heavenly, soulful, entrancing. As soft and raspy her unique vocals are, every note is delivered so fully with expression and reason, so easy to be captivated and lost in.

Her setlist last night covered everything that makes her so stunning, that makes her such a valuable asset to the industry, that of course rewarded her with a Brit award earlier this year. From smashing her hit pop singles to proving her technical gift with a guitar in hand for "Guns & Horses", and even to my absolute glee managing to squeeze in her oh-so-dope covers of alt-J and James Blake, it was just the perfect experience.

I'm still in a bit of a daze almost 24 hours later, a Goulding hangover if you like, and I don't want it to fade. She put out all her heart into the milestone performance and, I have to say, I love her with all of mine. iPhone photographs in part two.

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