11 Mar 2014


I only just found this, it's too dope not to share. An album teaser released via TIME magazine, it's a short video backed by album opener "Fire Rides" that encapsulates everything that MØ stands for. And you can be 100% assured that it's all her, all real.

When you are in the most intense time of your teenage/self-exploration years, you do stuff and experience things that can be destructive to yourself or others. You put yourself center of attention and compromise other people’s emotions. Simply because you’re insecure. You put everything on the edge — blow every little thing up to be the end of the world. You tend to act like a careless, ravaging maniac who just wants to tear the world apart because of the tornado inside of you. At least that’s how I felt. This video visualizes how I felt when I was a teenager — with a twist of irony.

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