18 Apr 2014


SOHN's tour stopped at London last night (just a few hours ago actually) and I am so pleased to have been there. I'll never know what any of the buttons or cables do but to know that each one was controlled there and then was a spectacle in itself. Add to that the impressive lightwork (as seen in the 4AD session videos) and the presence of SOHN himself, dressed in all-black covering his head with a monk-like hood, accompanied by two anonymous yet über-talented instrumentalists, it was quite the experience to see "Tremors" come alive. Lessons was particularly memorable, extraordinary, as his live rendition gave it a ridiculous breakdown most fitting for a pre-encore finale. I've always admired, for want of better terminology, 'digital artists' and their ability to recreate their musical product live — I felt the same for James Blake — but SOHN yesterday was one of the best I've seen. He returns to London in June for Field Day and I highly recommend you be there; I will of course.

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