17 Jun 2014


After much anticipation, dreaming and drooling, Lana Del Rey's new album "Ultraviolence" was officially released yesterday. A full 16 tracks in the deluxe edition, I have to say it was a big deal, perhaps the biggest of them all, to set myself for the first play. We'd heard four of the tracks before, coming in quick succession on the tracklist after the near-7-minute opener Cruel World, which kicks off with the raw, rough guitar sounds that sets the tone for the Dan Auerbach-produced record. I think the pace of the record is considerably slower, dreamier, sexier than "Born To Die" and her vocals grander and even more sultry.

Money Power Glory is one of my favourites, as is title track Ultraviolence, really expressive in her dark, twisted conviction — a different sort of confidence in her singing that's really attractive to find myself absorbed by. Accompanied by the most fitting of black and white photographs, the entire record evokes a sense of emptiness, nostalgia and history that I could, and will, listen to over and over. It's a very welcome sound and Lana will forever continue to fascinate me, thankfully.

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