18 Jun 2014


Following the news of an upcoming second album from alt-J, we can hear the first glimpse of their new material as a three-piece band with Hunger Of The Pine unveiled today. It's one of the most exciting announcements of the year to hear of a follow-up the exceptionally good debut record "An Awesome Wave" — truly, truly awesome it was. And this fresh track is dope as fuck. Excuse my language, and perhaps for a lack of decent description, but it is a considered comment and one that I think is apt. So there. If you don't believe me, it only takes one listen to see what I mean. Apparently what drops about a minute and a half into the song is a Miley Cyrus sample and not many would get away with that for me, or many others I'm sure, but they absolutely kill it, right? On point. I don't know how they do it — I'd love to see their creative process because I'm 100% sure it's remarkable.

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