3 Jun 2014


Well I can't say I wasn't surprised to hear she would be performing on ABC, no less for Jimmy Kimmel's show, airing across national US television. It's a big gig, massive. And I feel strangely but greatly proud as a fan of her, also impressed by America's willingness to use TV as a platform to introduce fresh, new music to a wider audience. It's a push they need and one that just doesn't happen often enough, particularly over here on our shores. But I have to say MØ and her entourage look somewhat misplaced amidst the bright, telly lighting and the awkward studio audience (almost as awkward as how Kimmel pronounces her name), which perhaps takes away from her immense stage presence and undoubted musical talent. Context is key and without it, almost just thrown onto the set like a footballer into an exam, I think she's unfortunately lost part of the package that makes her so amazing. And, I have to say, the YouTube comments aren't a pleasant read. It leaves me with mixed feelings and it's difficult to identify what needs changing to make it seem less forced. Although one thing's for sure, Karen need not change a thing.

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