8 Jul 2012


From: Sky Sports
I watched this match partially impartial, supporting Murray with national pride but not not supporting Federer either who's elegance on court is just too graceful to ignore. (Contradiction, double negative and tautology galore.) I've not paid much attention to Wimbledon this year, but today's final was a great showcase of top level sport, and one I was eager to watch unfold.

I think it's fair to say that the best player won. As impressive as Murray was, especially in the first two sets, Roger Federer played some ridiculous tennis. The commentator used the word 'genius' on multiple occasions and I don't think he was wrong. And to win this tournament 7 times, aged 30 too, he is quite the champion, a superstar.

But the highlight of the afternoon for me, and probably for many of us in the country, was to see Andy Murray's emotions at the end. That was touching. The crowd at centre court made their support loud and clear for the whole three and a half hours, which was acknowledged with genuine grace and humility, I reckon he's won over some fans today with that alone. He has done plenty to be proud of.

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