22 Jan 2013


From: Rolling Stone

Paramore are finally back with new music after a little break, releasing the new single "NOW" just today and their self-titled album in April, their first in four years. It seems like they've gotten over all the drama with the Farro brothers as the trio have found their sound and direction to get straight back into the scene. And I'd say it's been well done having heard and enjoyed this new track.

For sure, it's different to what Paramore used to be, clearly bringing in heavier modern influences from electronica to hip hop. Main lyricist Taylor York on guitar spent much time listening to alt-J (who hasn't?!) and I'm reminded of the likes of Metric or Sky Ferreira. That's not at all to say that they've lost their rock roots, quite the contrary in fact and I reckon they're onto a winner, with a sound that's mature and current. Perhaps it's true that some fans are missing the old stuff, but while that was brilliant, I'm really excited to hear the full LP and to welcome the new Paramore.

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