8 Jan 2013


From: OEN

Product design firm Sempli, a Italian-Swedish hybrid brand by Daniele Semeraro, have this lovely series of handblown glassware called Cuppa. Reminiscent perhaps of those spinning Heatherwick chairs, this is slightly more meaningful in its functional design.

Each individually produced by experienced hands with the purest available glass, the vessel construction is stemless, resulting in a central tip at the bottom around which the glass is free to rotate. For starters it sits beautiful on the tabletop with the fluid inside, but its angle also makes it easier to handle and here's the clever part. The natural swivel motion stirs the aroma into the atmosphere, while also oxidising the fine wine and spirit as you drink it.

Available in three sizes and reasonably priced, I'm putting this on my shopping wishlist as I eagerly (and optimistically) prepare my future possessions for my future home. They even have neat trays and coasters for them!

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