24 May 2013


From: Pitchfork

The fourth studio album by Daft Punk was released on Monday, as the whole world knows, and it's been a regular choice for me for a fortnight now (thanks to the iTunes stream preview a week earlier). I've heard a lot of different thoughts, and there's certainly plenty of it, so now I'd like to weigh in.

I think the album is great, I cannot stop listening to it. The groove, the funk and that rich, warm vibe throughout the record is superb. The lead single "Get Lucky" is undoubtedly one of the best in the album, a complete immersion of summer colours that magically seems to capture every sense. I think you can understand the disappointment aired by some diehard day-one fans perhaps, considering it is quite a noticeable change in sound from the so-called pioneers of electronica. However, I'd argue that this album is very much in the realms of electronica, and an impossible outcome to achieve without their past achievements, with the genre ingeniously recreated by real people and raw instruments. For me, they've just evolved the genre big time, bringing the sound to a far greater live, three-dimensional capacity. And besides, with a career spanning twenty years, some change (I prefer progression) is natural and expected. The fusion of influences found in this record is really special and unique, and literally a real joy to listen to.

So it's much recommended. And I'd even recommend you fly to Japan to purchase it, in order to get an exclusive 14th track. Every song contributes to the grand, epic, spectacualr tale that is "Random Access Memories".

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