24 May 2013


Ah finally. On Monday just gone, I had the pleasure of witnessing one Lana Del Rey perform live at London's Hammersmith Apollo. You know I'm a massive fan and supporter of the beautiful Ms Grant, and I'd been looking forward to this gig for such a long time. I had the tickets in my hand for about six months and I've been buzzing all week. With such high expectations, I was well aware of the very real possibility of disappointment, but how glad I was that it didn't even come close to materialising so.

She was absolutely magnificent, perfect you might say. I have no idea how certain people have concluded that she's a poor performer, not a clue – she used the stage brilliantly, the video backdrop was typically Lana, the chemistry (and indeed quality) between the band was superb with such rich, raw arrangements of the already mellifluous music, and ultimately Lana Del Rey can sing. Tip-toeing out in a short white dress, she sang ridiculously well; tingling lows and haunting highs just so beautiful and enrapturing.

The set was a decent hour or so, covering just about every song I'd longed to hear live, and I think I spent the entire time with my eyes glued to her movement, ears alight and heart pumping. I was mesmerised, lovestruck perhaps, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It's hard to say what my favourite concert to date has been, and I wish I'd have been closer to the stage, but Lana Del Rey was just amazing on Monday and may be my number one experience – she certainly didn't disappoint. I'm determined to see more of her shows, desperate even, and cannot wait for the next opportunity.

I was born to see Lana Del Rey live, then die. I'm convinced so.

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