17 May 2013


MS MR are a duo from New York, making the music that I love. It's a genre that I struggle to put a name to, but one that the likes of Poliça, Banks, MØ and even James Blake have been gracing. Indie, post-folk, experimental, synthpop – chillwave? – whatever it's called, it's my favourite sound of the moment and so I am delighted that, this week, MS MR have released their debut album "Secondhand Rapture".

I only found out about these guys from a remix of their track "Hurricane" by CHVRCHES (which is excellent by the way) but boy am I glad to have discovered them. I've heard the album through about a dozen times now and it's a stunning set. Sorry that I can't portray it properly, describing music is not my forte, but listening to and enjoying music is, so you can take my word for it.

They're playing the Electric Ballroom in London on July 17 and I shall be there. Here below is the official (and second) video for the afore mentioned lead single. And also watch them perform on TV for the first time last night.

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