7 May 2013


Oh how I'd been looking forward to see these guys perform! Ever since a friend showed me "The Mother We Share", I have been utterly hooked to the synthpop sound of CHVRCHES. A Scottish band of three, influenced by all things cool and living modestly as all (emerging) artists should, their take on somewhat of a synths trend is original and on point. With classic electronica, hip hop, indie alt rock vibes amongst it, and tied together by smart lyrics sung by the voice of an angel, the outcome is one of greatness. I've introduced the band many times before already so I don't know why I'm elaborating unnecessarily at the inevitable risk of repeating myself too, sorry.

But you get that I like them, because that's important. They played the Village Underground in Shoreditch last Monday and it was hands down the most enjoyable gig I've been to all year. 

With a perfect view of the threesome's setup we were treated to a very fresh, body-rocking set, not once lacking in delicious hooks and beats that were quite frankly irresistibly good. Having only released a handful of songs to date, most on the night were new and unheard, very likely off their upcoming debut album which we were told will be arriving in September. I bet you a tenner it's going to be a stunning album.

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