9 May 2013


I picked up these publications over the past week or two, all free. "Caffeine" magazine was launched in February and since that success, their second issue can be found in coffee shops all over London in a neat deal where distribution can reach its primary audience best. It's a lovely production, stylishly put together, featuring articles and interviews for coffee lovers to mull over during their, well, coffee breaks.

Next up is "One Thing I Know", a free book collating the views and stories of leaders in the creative industry from across the globe, offering sweet insights and personal advice for the rest of the community. Again, served up in beautiful A5 spreads of delightful layout, it's looks an interesting read. My copy arrived yesterday and it has that tasty new-book-smell. Oh did I mention it's free?

The third of this spontaneous series is "Velo 2nd Gear" by Gestalten, not exactly new anymore but a much loved favourite amongst the cycling crew. It's a proper book with fantastic photography celebrating the bicycle culture and its joyous crossovers with other arts. I was fortunate to receive this through Victate, thanks to that photo making the cut for a full A3 spread on pages 22-23. Hells yes.

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