5 Aug 2013


I'm a huge fan of Derren Brown and here's why.

His talents and entertainment stream is one that comes from a wonderful art of showmanship. It's traditional in its approach and presentation, producing mind-boggling 'tricks' and delivered with great satire and confidence. And by tricks, I don't mean magic tricks that are impressive only to the point of knowing how it has been achieved; with Derren he seems to delve into real, tangible, understandable illusions and propositions that show signs of a smart man – I wouldn't even mind finding out how he did it, I'd still be amazed. His active inquisition in the realms of science, logic, history, mathematics, storytelling and philosophy stand him in a totally unique bracket of showmanship, so abundant in intuition and creativity.

So when I went to see his new West End live show "Infamous" last Friday, I went in with high expectations and I left blown away. Written with the director Andy Nyman (who is the creator of possibly the most underrated British comedy series "Campus" which was absolutely hilarious) it's a two hour show that flaunts Derren's talents and abilities to maximum capacity, that quite frankly I can't imagine anyone would not enjoy. There are still some nights available in his London leg and I highly recommend you treat yourself to an evening of true magic.

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