11 Sep 2013


From: Apple

So lots of hype once more surrounding the Apple event yesterday, months of gossip gearing up to the announcement, and really it turned out simply to be a confirmation of the rumour mill. Two new iPhone models, namely the 5S and 5C, will enter the market later this month and they do indeed look very good. The 5S adds a new gold colour option, and is set to feature a fancy fingerprint sensor called Touch iD that will look to fight and replace the password concept in due course. Otherwise, the camera function seems to have vastly improved amongst other things, and the phone looks sound.

The iPhone 5C is what I've really been looking forward to though, essentially a more affordable iPhone. And that makes it a far more attractive replacement avenue for my iPhone 4 that I've used for a solid three years now, unbroken. (Not bad huh?) But it's not affordable, far from it. It would seem Apple have just raised the premium model's starting price making the 5C cheaper only in relative terms, with UK pricing at a stupid £469 (just £40 cheaper than what I paid for mine). That's a major disappointment. And what a shame, because the phone itself is as impressive as we had hoped, fitted with the iPhone 5's guts in a well designed, unashamedly plastic body – I think Apple went in. So you could argue that the price is justified, considering the product is indeed not cheap and deliberately so, but you can't price a budget model at basically the same price as the previous premium model. Silly.

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