30 Dec 2013


I've been told I don't do enough self promo. It's true, I'm not one to scream and shout about myself but I think I'm going to close the year by doing just that. I'd like to thank you for reading whatever you've been reading on this Blog over the past two years, however much or (more likely) little. If you like, please feel free to spread the word with your friends, as I'm sure to continue posting my not-all-that-valuable findings and feelings long into the new year.

Right. I have three social media outlets I like to use, each serving slightly different purposes, but all reflecting myself and providing the space to expand or express my interests further. Do give them a follow if it so pleases you; they all take the username of tleeoriginal. Very tidy. 1: Twitter for the day-to-day ramblings, quick links, snide comments and slightly overeager interaction, the latter usually to serve my music fanaticism (you know, Chvrches, MØ, Ellie, Lana...). 2: Instagram, for the sake of having Instagram, I suppose. I've not really grown into using it fully just yet, but for the time being it's a useful library for all of my gig attendances. Do take a look at my iPhone photography skills (or lack of). 3: Pinterest for probably the highest value of them all. I'm proud of this one, as my input is regular, using it to source and store any image on the internet that influences or inspires me. It's my aspirational, lifestyle archive or something along those lines and it's grown significantly enough by the day. With over 7k pins and edging closer to my first thousand followers, it's a big 'un (ish).

So check me out. Or for any conversation send me an email, I do like a chat. Bye now.

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