7 Mar 2014


It feels like only yesterday that I wrote about seeing MØ live – it was – but I was at London's Heaven nightclub to watch MØ headline her biggest show at England's capital yet, also the fourth sold out show here in a row I hear. She was a special guest at Broods' show in Notting Hill on Wednesday, but last night was all about her. In fact, it's probably the fullest set I've seen out of the five, what with the debut album "No Mythologies To Follow" released once the weekend closes (which is the most exciting thing all year).

I've said it before and I'll say it again, MØ knows how to perform. It's mind-blowing, hot and frankly ridiculous what she does, a non-stop mover who you sense is just as gassed by her own music, if not more, than her fans who have eagerly gathered to witness it. An animal, a child, call it what you like but her raw, innocent energy and not-a-single-fuck-ever-given personality would explode the stiffest of crowds – that I am sure – it's a stunning quality of leadership and inspiration that I don't think I've seen from anyone else before. I'm convinced she could start a side-project of workout dance DVDs, packed with thighs out wide, hips grooving, shoulders swinging and ponytail bangs aplenty. She had the entire venue rocking last night throughout the hour plus she was on stage, performing all of the singles we already adore her for, as well as revealing a handful of new tracks presumably off the upcoming record, and I cannot make my enthusiasm for this release any clearer. The critical reviews have already been streaming across the internet and the feeling of awe seems to be shared by all ears the album has touched. Monday is only three days away, and my ears have been ready for months. So bring it on, Karen, take me into your world.

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