24 Jun 2014


This was Sunday morning. We tend to enter summer tournaments each year and I took my U8s for our first outing on Sunday. While it may have been the first time this set of players have participated in competitive games, we've been training together as a group for a good year or so and it really shows in our tight-knit spirit and friendliness. So I was feeling really positive ahead of the tournament, that we've prepared so well recently.

For our age group, they ran groups of 5 teams without progression to any knockouts, so that's 4 games against 4 opponents. We lost the first one before winning the remaining 3 and I'm absolutely delighted, you have no idea. I was so happy for them and equally so happy personally. Like I said, my confidence going into it was good and that usually makes all the more anxious, fearful of the worst, but man did they play well. Not only did we get the results (we topped the group after beating the table leaders in our final game) but we did so with style and that's what I'm most proud of I suppose. That's what we'd been striving towards every week. At these events, you come up against a variety of teams but very few try to play good football. I know we turned some heads, our passing game was on point and our fight was relentless. So, so pleased. And we go again this weekend.

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