23 Jun 2014


A brilliant trio based in Berlin, Ballet School have today unveiled a new track, Cherish, and details of their debut album "The Dew Lasts An Hour" to be released in September. "Big day. Four years of trying and working got us this far," so they've tweeted, and it's an exciting thing because their sound is exciting. Eclectic, 80s and dreamy, it's like the future of pop that has the production qualities of something older, led by the direct, piercing vocals of Rosie Blair. Nothing else I listen to sounds like they do and it's quite irresistible — a discotheque in space might sound this way. I saw them support MØ's headline gig at XOYO last year and they certainly made an impression that night. I'm excited to hear they've finally completed a full-length and I anticipate its release highly.

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